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Application mode

Step 1.

Wash with water, chlorine or acid  peracetic; according to products that are normally used in their packaging.

Step 4.


Packaging and storage .

Place the boxes on pallets. Mark each box and pallet applied with AloeCoat treatment. Place in cold room.

Step 2.

Define procedure :

a) Roller spraying.

b) Direct spraying.

Place a dispenser and pump in an AloeCoat drum so that the product is applied to the fruit and vegetables.

Step 3.



Reduce the humidity levels completely, through a turbine, fan or industrial dryer, before the fruit and vegetables are packed in boxes.

1Pasos aplicación AloeCoat.png
2Pasos aplicación AloeCoat.png

Step 5.



For distribution, place pallets in refrigerated transport.

3Pasos aplicación AloeCoat.png
4Pasos aplicación AloeCoat.png
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